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We want to introduce you with these pages to "our" island Naxos and give you a little help in the search for suitable accommodation. Hellas is unfortunately in a 'crisis', and we want to help with our website to boost Greek tourism again. Don’t let the 'crisis' ruin your holiday mood. Pack your bags and come to Naxos! Here the world is still in order ;-))
You want your holidays in a unique and very welcoming atmosphere, in our homes, you can feel as comfortable as with good friends!

Comfortable as with good friends...

Enjoy ‘Greek hospitality 'and get to know different places and even better.You are looking for an apartment, a house, a studio or a pension, with our individually designed and well equipped offerings; we can fulfill your desire safely. If you cannot find the right accommodation on our website, please send us an email with your requirements. We can certainly help you. Be curious; explore Naxos and a living that leaves nothing to be desired. Visit us and experience unforgettable holidays on Naxos.

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kiting and surfing


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Windsurfing and Kiteboarding in Naxos
The island of Naxos is quite unknown by international windsurfers and kiters and yet it is one of the few places in the world that offer very good conditions in addition to many other activities one can practice here.
This water sports in Naxos will be pampered by
  Meltemithroughout the summer. In May / June and September / October the lighter Prodromi blows, in July / August then the Meltemi starts with 5-8 Beaufort and mitigates the heat of the blazing sun in a blue sky.
The wind probability is 70% from June to September.
So if you are coming only 1-2 weeks, then the July or August is recommended.
Do you plan to stay longer, then you will have enough wind in the remaining summer months, but the wind is fairly constant during these months. Then it says: when it blows go surfing!

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Water condition
Naxos has to offer as well a flat water spot as well as a large wave potential.
Flat water spot: consists of a large shallow lagoon with an offshore reef. The lagoon is not more than chest deep, it is perfect for beginners and advanced, it is a true freestyle / free ride paradise.
However Naxos also has strong potential for waves. Outside the reef there is always a rolling swell when the wind blows. In strong winds, and the correct direction (NW) waves of mast height are ideal for jumping. For wake friends the hotspots of Mikri Vigla and Amiti are also recommended.
From the lagoon there is a narrow "gateway" in the reef, which is indicated by a red flag.
Naxos is a bit colder than some of the other Greek islands, especially if the wind is strong. A shorty is therefore a good idea, if you have forgotten yours you can also rent one here:
There are two water sports centers in the vicinity of Naxos Chora. The larger one is Flisvos, which has two stations: one at the lagoon and the other at Saint George beach. The alternative is Naxos Surf Club, located at the lagoon which is closer to the shallow-water zone.
Both centers also rent wetsuits and complete equipment.

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Advantages: Perfect beginner oriented flat area just outside the center, wide range of kit and showers, more for families.
Cons: Sometimes very busy, not always the ideal sail size available, takes longer to sail to the shallow water zone.

Naxos Surf Club

Kit: JP & North
Advantages: Pleasant Chill Out Zone, better quality kit, closer to the shallow water, they will set your sail for your personal requirement.
Cons: Far away from the city, insurance does not cover damage for freestyle, you should complain.


The different beaches and hotspots:


pavelkitelaguna002kite surf 02



Best wind direction: NE, N, NW
Worst wind direction: S
Tide: No
Sea ground: sand, a few rocks, algae.
Other water sports: None - Kites are not allowed because of the airport. No float, no boats and windsurfers only.
Suitability / levels: All. Very good for children because of the onshore wind and the water is very shallow.
Wipe-out factor: Very low. There is a lifeguard service on appropriate weather conditions.
Recommended accommodation:

Pool Hotel Sunlight

Outside the reef

Best wind direction: N, NW
Worst wind direction: S
Tide: No
Sea ground: Very deep outside the reef. The reef itself is full of sea urchins and sharp flat rocks from the area.
Hazards: One can be washed onto the reef, either by waves or lessening of the wind.
Other water sports: None - Kites are not allowed here.
Suitability / levels: advanced, water start necessary.
Wipe-out factor: Medium to low. Although there are risks, they are easy to avoid if you are careful.
Recommended accommodation:

Pool Hotel Sunlight

Surfen-091laguna2kite surf 03004



Agios Georgios

Best wind direction: Very Strong N, NW, NE
Worst wind direction: Everything Else.
Tide: None.
Sea ground: Mostly Sand, but also overgrown reef.
Hazards: The waves can be very powerful especially in the reef area. The wind can be very gusty, but there are the best waves.
Other water sports: Some swimmers, kites are not allowed here.
Suitability / levels: advanced, water start necessary.
Wipe-out factor: medium to high, it can be tempting to surf the waves all the way into the bay, but this is usually not a good idea.
Recommended accommodation::

Pool Hotel Sunlight



Secret spot - Shaka Bay

Best wind direction: N
Worst wind direction: S
Tide: No
Sea ground: All sand.
Hazards: None.
Other water sports: None.
Suitability / levels: medium - you must be able to turn quickly!
Wipe-out factor: Very low.
Recommended accommodation:

Windmill-House Ag. Prokopios

Pool Apartements Ag. Prokopios


Surfen-0518 uli-naxos-008


Plaka Beach

Best wind direction: S
Bad wind direction: Everything Else, because offshore
Tide: None.
Sea ground: Mostly sandy, some small rocky islands
Hazards: Primarily offshore wind in summer, other water sports
Other water sports: Many swimmers, other water sports equipment
Suitability / levels: advanced, water start necessary.
Wipe-out factor: High, offshore wind
Recommended accommodation:

Marias und Helenis

Voulas Breakfast Pension

Apartments Plaka

Plaka Beach Apartments


Mikri Vigla, best kite area

Two water sports centers in Mikri Vigla Flisvos Kitecentre (IKO standards) and Thalasea (IKO kitesurf and windsurf center)
Best wind direction: strong N, NW, NE, S
Worst wind direction: E
Tide: None.
Sea ground: Mostly sandy, some small and some larger rock islands
Hazards: The waves can be outside more powerful. The wind can be very gusty.
Other water sports: Many surfers and kiters
Suitability / levels: advanced, water start necessary.
Wipe-out factor: Low, onshore wind
Recommended accommodation:

House Mikri Vigla

Giorgos at the Salt Lake


Hotspot Amiti secret tip for super kite-ing

Best wind direction: strong N, NW, NE,
Worst wind direction: S
Tide: None.
Sea ground: sand
Hazards: The waves can be very powerful in strong winds.
Other water sports: Hardly swimming sports
Suitability / levels: High skill level and experience required in the waves, water start necessary.
Wipe-out factor: Low, onshore wind
Recommended accommodation:

Vangelis Xenia

Coming more soon, ask for references:
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Bored of windsurfing or kiting?

Apart from the overwhelming cultural program
For days without convenient wind:
• Mountain biking -
• catamaran excursions to Paros
• Horse riding - very popular, they still passing at various beaches.
• Diving / Snorkeling
• Cliff jumping - There are large rocks on a beach in the south called Pyrgaki
• Wakeboarding
• quad / motorbike or scooter


Plenty of action is possible in Naxos, whether alone, with your partner (s) or the whole family. Take care of your flights ;-))

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